Freddie was born in Ipoh, Malaysia. After training as a Registered Nurse in the UK, he came to Australia in 1980. Freddie has lived on the Mornington Peninsula with his family since 1988. Fascinated by the unique and wonderful marine life in our two bays, Westernport and Port Phillip, he took up underwater photography in 1995.

People associate a lot of the photos taken around the Mornington Peninsula with more exotic northern tropical locations. They are always surprised to learn that the vibrant and vivid images are actually taken in our two bays.

Freddie is passionate in capturing these distinctive marine plants and creatures in their natural habitat, and hopes that his photographs will bring awareness to the public of our two bays’ beautiful underwater environments. He also hopes that the photographs will spur an interest in the community to protect and preserve the irreplaceable marine wildlife of the Mornington Peninsula.

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